Programming smartphones for elementary schools in Slovakia
  • Ability to independantly create simple apps for OS Android
  • Work with online resources
  • Specialized vocabulary, 200 words
  • Sponsor's donations
  • Public grants
  • HARPÚNA's membership fees
  • Public collection
  • In school year 2015/2016, teaching will be conducted in Karpatská Elementary in Žilina. Following year it will be available in other scholls in several cities in Slovakia.

    Citizen activist group represented by NGO HARPÚNA (Harpoon in English), which aims to help national educational system to improve quicker, takes another step to introduce smartphones programming to elementary schools.

    Earlier in this month, proposed plan to include programming for Android in school curriculum, was taken into next level by signing the Memorandum of Understanding between HARPÚNA and the largest elementary school in the Žilina self-governing region.

    “Our aim is to help accelerate transformation of Slovak economy from Europe’s manufacture to knowledge-based economy,” said Michal Hybský, chairman of the HARPÚNA.

    Based on the Memorandum, in the following school year - 2015/2016 - there will be a pilot project of teaching to code for Android conducted on Karpatská Elementary. The Pilot project will consist of placing one block in the pupils schedule - Programming for Android. This block will be then taught by a professional programmer for the period of the entire school year, from September 2015 to June 2016 and will be attended by 9th grade pupils (14 - 15 years of age).

    Teaching will consist of building vocabulary and programming itself. Pupils will learn by doing examples with rising complexity, until they reach targeted proficiency. For this block, targeted proficiency is to achieve ability to use freely the available resources on the Internet to independently create simple apps for OS Android.

    OS Android was chosen as the suitable one for several reasons. It is JAVA, the most wanted language among IT companies in Slovakia nowadays. Required resources, such as Android studio, are available for free on the Internet. Android apps also can be distributed worldwide via Play store, so active pupils will have a way to utilize their newly aquired knowledge.

    After completing the pilot year, plans are to roll out this class to as many elementary schools as possible and introduce coding for smartphones on secondary schools as well.

    HARPÚNA is planning to finance classes from sponsor donations and various grants. If you agree with HARPÚNA’s plan to introduce professionals to elementary and secondary schools to teach coding, you can support the group by making donation or liking Facebook fan page:

    About HARPÚNA: Established in 2014 with a goal to popularize unconventional solutions for traditional problems. HARPÚNA will also implement some of the proposed solutions.
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